Getting started for the first time

If you are visiting our reporting platform for the first time, a setup wizard will appear to help you to create your first report.

First, you will answer a few short questions about you and your company so that we can better personalize your reports.

Next, you will be asked to connect your data sources. We will talk in detail about data source connections later. Right now, you need to press on the icons of your preferred data sources and enter your credentials in the pop-up window that appears (e.g. for connecting your Facebooks advertising campaign data you need to press the button with Facebook logo and enter the Facebook credentials that you use for your advertising account). In the following screenshots, you can see the data source page before and after connecting a few data sources.


After adding data sources, you will be able to choose a visualization platform from the list. You will need to decide whether to use the visualization platform or one of the other visualization platforms we integrate with:


If you choose the option, you will be redirected to our reporting platform. You can learn more about our reporting platform and report generation here.

Otherwise, the pop-up wizard will redirect you to a specific information page, which contains your connection credentials, video-instructions for data connection and a set of templates. When you visit this page for the first time, you should click on the “get connection data” button.

Be advised: obtaining credentials takes time.


You will be notified once your connection data is loaded (usually within 24 hours).


And that’s where the real work begins.