Table updated

Table widget is a basic one, available for every report type. Campaign table and comparison table, Ads, Ads mail, Adset и Booking tables… Every particular report type can be visualised in a table widget.


These tables serve different purposes, but in general, we can divide all these tables into two groups:

  1. Campaign table shows a kind the general overview of a campaign as a whole

  2. Dimension table depicts a separate report type, a slice of data which were cut off by specific breakdowns and for particular accounts

The widget setup process for these tables includes a few different stages: The first group is created in three steps:

  1. You select the Table widget;

  2. You select your data sources;

  3. You customize your widget.

The second group is defined by three steps too, but there is a small difference here:

  1. You select the Table widget;

  2. You select accounts needed

  3. You customize your widget.

The customization is almost the same for both tables: you can select a time range, choose how many decimal places to see for your variables and create a filter.


The filtering option slightly differs for the two groups of tables. They use the same options for numerical data (<, >, >=, <=), but text fields use different filters. For the Campaign table and comparison table, we have four options: to allow text that contains some symbols, that doesn’t contain, that is exactly the same with symbols in filter description and that corresponds to at least one word from the list. The second group lacks the last function but has instead filtering option for excluding blank items and for excluding lines with an exact match.

../../../../../_images/table_5.png ../../../../../_images/table_6.png

Another difference between these tables is a grouping option, which is available only in Campaign and Comparison tables. You can see Filters/Grouping switch on the top right of the Add widget window.

../../../../../_images/table_7.png ../../../../../_images/table_8.png

Groups are defined the same way for the Campaign and Comparison table. You are adding new groups by pressing new group option on top, typing the new group name in the input field and setting up filters for each one. There are red cross icons near the group name and at the end of each filter added, which allows for deleting unnecessary or misplaced groups and filters.