Custom widget updated

The custom widget is complex. In fact, it is a number of widgets united under the same name. Custom widget icon have a dropdown menu on it.


You can open the menu by clicking on the button under the “Custom widget” caption, but different clients will see different options in this pop-up.


There are, of course, a number of pre-defined variants you are free to experiment with, but the main designation of this component is to contain custom (how obviouse! :-) widgets that we will create especially for you if needed it. E.g. one of the popular use-cases for Custom Widget is creation of the Comparison Tables. You can show daily/weekly/monthly comparison by using this widget.


It works like any other widget where you select your data sources and then customize it. You can use the ‘Group Period’ option to choose the date intervals for comparison (daily/weekly/monthly etc.) and choose metrics from the list on the left.

To start using the custom widget properly, you need, first of all, to find out that no other widget in our visualization platform can satisfy one of your needs. In this case, you should contact our support team or salesperson and together we will analyze your case, create a custom widget for it and provide you with the necessary instructions.