Your Team updated

Your team tab in the left menu opens a list of your employees able to work with our reports. Here you can three lists:

  • The Invited table includes all your outgoing invintations

  • Employees table shows all your teammates who can see and edit reports

  • Reports shared by email table shows who is receiving your shared reports


At the beginning, you are the only employee in your team and you have the specific creator status. Any employee can send or withdraw the invitation, but only the creator can delete users from the employee list by pressing a trashcan icon at the end of the appropriate line.

Press invite new users button at the top right and enter your employee’s e-mail to invite a new employee into the project.

All invited users will be displayed in the Invited list on the same page. The invitation and instructions for login/password creation will be sent by e-mail.

Here you can see the invitation process in the live action:

Be advised, if you are an employee in one of the teams and you accept another invitation with the same e-mail, you can lose access to the previous project.