Reports updated

The next time you return to, you will be automatically redirected to the Reports tab.

This tab provides you a list of reports with short descriptions and the ability to configure a wide range of filters for their issuance and sorting.


The reports list header contains three active rows with controls:

  • Top line - Filter Palette. Filters hide all reports that do not meet the specified condition. For example, this filter shows only those reports with the QA symbols in their tag.


  • Middle line - Search Field. This allows you to hide all reports that do not contain a desired word or word combination (in our example, words “yet another”, entered in the search bar, hides all reports except one called “Yet another one test report”.


  • Bottom line - Column Names. This organizes the report list sorting. Click on the column title to sort reports by this column descending from Z to A, click one more time to show the ascending sorting, and the third click disables the sorting by this characteristic. There are two types of attributes shown on this line:

  • Common attributes (everyone has these by default):

  • Report name (you fill it when naming a new report or renaming an existing one);

  • Responsible (you can set up a responsible report owner when creating or editing reports);

  • Access mode (Full for all team members or Custom for a few specific users only)

  • Shared by (Email, Link, Email/Link or empty if a report is not for sharing)

  • Customized attributes (unique, for your reports only):

  • Text attributes (labels or tags you create by yourself);

  • Category attributes (which we can set up for you).

The gear icon located at the right edge of the filter string allows you to configure attributes (change names, remove existing and add new ones).

New user attributes will be textual (like tags), to create fixed attributes-categories or attribute list loaded from the specified database, please, contact our support.