Sharing report via email

You can turn your report into daily, weekly or monthly list-service e-mail.
Press the Report Settings button on the top right of the Report screen.

Select scheduling reports option at the top of the dropdown list emerged. You will see the mailing setup window.


Here you can decide where, when and how often e-mail reports will be sent:

For each variant you have a few options:
  • For daily email sending

  • to choose/type the time

  • to define the time zone for reference

  • For weekly email sending

  • to select the day (e.g. Monday)

  • to choose/type the time

  • to define the time zone for reference

  • For monthly email sending

  • to select the date (e.g. 5 on every month)

  • to choose/type the time

  • to define the time zone for reference

To activate sharing options you choose you should click on the checkbox near it, set up the date, time and list of addresses, add any files needed and save all changes by pressing green Save button at the bottom of the sharing menu.


You can add some additional files to your report. There are three options for attachments:

  • HTML-file

  • Google docs spreadsheet

  • PDF-file

To do this you need an URL to the file you are adding (there are long input fields with caption gdocs URL for it).


You can add more than one document. To do this, press a plus sign under the input field to add one more line. Minus in the circle at the right end of the line deletes it. But the most important thing in sharing the report is to define who will receive it. You fill your addressee’s names and emails under the time settings block. As it was with adding files, a circle with a plus sign adds one more line for data input, minus - deletes one. Green arrow icon at the right of each email allows you to send a message right now ignoring all timing settings.


Note that you can tick several checkboxes at the same time and configure several distribution formats simultaneously. Each type of mailing has its own range of addresses, so you can configure the sending of reports to different groups of users and customers at different time intervals.