Generate report updated

To create a new report you should open the ‘Reports’ page and click on the orange “Generate Report” button in the upper right corner.


This will bring up the report creation menu.

  • Type the name of a new report (this is the only field which is strictly required). Website/app/page/client as the prompt in the menu says, can serve as the name of the report, but do not limit the list of possible names.

  • The next line hides a drop-down menu with a list of templates that can be used to create the report. Using templates allows you to predefine the structure of filters and visualization tools in a future report, but using this tool is optional.

  • The third line allows you to manage report access:

  • Full access reports are available for the whole team

  • Custom access report at the beginning will be available only for you and you will be able to set up user permissions later

If you have created or asked us for anything specific to help you put reports together, you will have additional lines in the report generation menu for these attributes. Filling any attribute graph is not required for generating a new report.

After filling in all the desired input fields, you can click the blue ‘Create Report’ button, and proceed to the data sets connection. Please note that on the Data Sources tab you have linked Data Sources to your account in general, but while creating a report you are linking them only to that specific report, determining which data from the sources available will be analyzed and visualized, i.e. forming a dataset for a new report.

There are also alternative ways to generate a new report:

  • There is a big blue “Next Step: Create a Report” button on the Data Sources page. It also can be used for creating a new report.

  • You also can create a report by selecting the option on the Visualization page.


All these variants lead to the same report generation menu.