Setup Adobe Analytics for Improvado integration new

Improvado Side

The instructions below are for how to connect to Improvado’s Adobe Analytics integration.

You will find this when you log in to your account → go to the Data Sources’ tab on the left → Scroll down to Adobe Analytics and click on the ‘Connect’ button.


You will need the following fields. The instructions below are on how to get that information in your Adobe account:

  • Certificate ID

  • API Key (Client ID)

  • Technical Account ID

  • Organization ID

  • Client Secret

  • Report Suite ID

Adobe Side

The following sequence is a customized version of the Service Account Integration manual.

  1. Please reach your Success Customer Manager in Improvado to get Public Certificate and Certificate ID.

  2. Then you have Public Certificate (file with .crt) go to Adobe I/O Console and click New integration button


Please be sure that you have a developer role in your Adobe organization! Instruction to manage roles placed here

  1. Select Access an API and click Continue

  1. Select Adobe Analytics (in Experience Cloud group)

  1. Select Service Account integration and click Continue

  1. Fill Name and Description input fields, add public certificate via Select a File dialog

  1. Create a Product Profile

  • Create a new profile

  • Put the name “Improvado Integration” (or any other name)

  • Give this product profile the needed permissions

  • Assign the Report Suite to the profile

  • Click Edit Report Suites

  • Add Report Suites you want via the API for your reporting

  • Assign metrics and dimensions you want via the API for your reporting

  1. Back to Adobe Console IO and select a product profile and click Create integration


Please, check that the selected profile has all the required permissions!

  1. Copy API Key (Client ID), Technical account ID, Organization ID and Client secret somewhere, you need them later to connect Adobe Analytics to Improvado

  1. Find the required Report Suite Id where to take data from:

  • Click Admin -> Report Suites


The Report Suite ID (RSID) is an entity in Adobe where the data lives.

  • Copy Report Suite ID somewhere

  1. Enter all the required data to connect data source dialog


If you not familiar with Adobe Console IO, please add as Developer in your Adobe organization and we kindly will go through this instruction. Instruction how to add developer to your organization is placed here.