How can you add a google sheet to your report

Ingestion by Google Sheets

  • The spreadsheet must be in the format that can be brought in by our UI

  • Here is the format of the spreadsheet with the formula we created

  • The correctly formatted spreadsheet can be uploaded to our UI by going to Edit Data Source menu and selecting Add a new Data Source via Google Sheets option. Upload the link here

    • One option is to add a new google sheet in this format to the report every time you need it

    • Another option is that you can click ‘Automatically update data in this google spreadsheet’ and the data will automatically update twice a day. By this method, you can replace all the old data. For example, for a February report, you can delete all the January data and replace it with February data. Even though you are deleting the January data from the spreadsheet, it will still be available in the UI. With this option, you do not need to change the Query formula in the first tab of the Gsheet.

  • This can be set up within a day