Dimensions, Metrics… What does it mean?

Metrics are quantitative measurements of some indicator. Dimension shows which part of the Univerce was measured. E.g. metric “sessions” is the total number of sessions. The dimension that this metric measures could be something like “adset” or “region”.

In typical report tables dimensions are rows, and metrics go into columns.

Examples of Metrics - clicks, spend, CTR
Examples of Dimensions - adsets, ads, age, region, gender, device

Is there any difference between Campaign and Dimension levels?

Campaign level data and dimension level data are treated very differently in the improvado UI. The Edit Data Sources window and the Define Metrics window only apply to campaign level data. The changes you make there will only affect campaign level metrics. To make certain changes to metrics at the dimension level, such as change the number format, add a margin, create a new calculation, etc. please reach out to us and we will do this for you.

Can you accommodate custom conversion types?

Standardizing your metrics from the multiple platforms you use is one of ’s greatest strengths. Our interface allows you to see all of the metrics being tracked and map them to a single metric for accurate reporting.

How often is data refreshed?

Data is refreshed twice a day, at a minimum, depending on the data source.

What are some visualization tools I can use?

Our platform offers many types of charts to customize your template, including summary bars, pie charts, bar charts, line graphs, tables, comparison tables, and more!

How do I keep track of all of my custom metrics?

Group each of your custom metrics together, tie them together with one metric name, and group them together for a cohesive view.

Can we make templates for multiple reports?

Yes, we have existing templates to get you started, and once you are comfortable navigating, you can create customized ones for your specific reporting needs.