What is Improvado?

is an “ETL” + “V” platform that allows marketers to “extract,” “transform,” and “load” their data into a single visualization platform to better manage your marketing activity.

Is Improvado for me?

was built for a wide range of customers, with a specialty towards SMBs and small to mid-sized agencies, that are in need of a better solution to manage marketing campaigns.

How long will it take me to aggregate all my data with Improvado?

Getting started is extremely simple. Choose the integrations you need from our list of over 150 integration partners, map your metrics, and choose what you want to see in your new dashboard. All of this takes just minutes.

Is there a limit of data sources?

Each of our existing integrations is available to use, and there is no limit to the number of APIs that you can integrate with.

What if one of my data sources isn’t available?

No problem at all. Let us know which data sources you need us to partner with and we will make it happen.